1 killed in fiery crash on SW Freeway; witnesses tried to help

HOUSTON — Moments after a big rig collided with an SUV heading south on the Southwest Freeway near Chimney Rock, a chilling reality began to emerge on the feeder road below.

“We just heard a voice and we came out and we saw that,” said Mary Azari. Azari works at a furniture store and ran outside along with other people to help.

“And we brought a mattress,” said Azari. “We told him jump. And I think he was stuck under the car. He couldn’t jump.”

The crash occurred on the West Park Drive off ramp just south of Chimney Rock. Investigators said the U.S. Postal Service truck collided with an SUV and wedged it against the wall. The collision sparked a fire that brought traffic through the area to a standstill.

But back down on the feeder road were those frantic efforts to save a man’s life.

Sisters Georgiana and Christiana Roach will never forget what they saw. The man in that SUV died in those flames.

“We were out here shedding tears,” said Georgiana. “We don’t even know the guy, but we were out here crying.”

“I lost family member to a similar accident,” said Christiana. “It’s nothing that you want to go through. Nothing.”

Azari just knows she did all she could.

“I’m so sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m so ashamed. We couldn’t save someone’s life.”

The trucker, a contract driver, was taken to the hospital. There was no mail on the truck.

Investigators with the Houston Police Department said that the driver of the SUV was driving erratically before the accident. His name has not been released at this time.