8:30 P.M. UPDATE: 1 Dead in Shoshone Crash – Twin Falls Times

SHOSHONE • One person is dead after a crash in Shoshone.

The crash happened about 6:30 p.m. at South Greenwood Street and North Rail Street East.

About 7 p.m. Idaho State Police dispatcher said at least one person had “extensive” injuries. The person died at the scene, police later confirmed.

The dispatcher said a vehicle crashed into a pole near the rail crossing.

The driver, whose identity wasn’t available as of 8:30, was headed south on U.S. 93 when he missed the curve in the road coming into Shoshone and slid into the gravel area by the train tracks, said Trooper Jason Lalonde. The vehicle slid on the gravel until he hit a pole near the of U.S. 93 and North Rail Street West, he said.

Lalonde said the driver’s speed and the reason the driver missed the turn was unknown.

Doundie Caldwell, a cashier at the Valley Country Store across the street from the crash, said a man pushed open the door to the store and told her to call 911 because there was a crash.

“I just saw a big cloud of dust,” she said.

The man returned to the store and told her it looked like the vehicle had been traveling at a high rate of speed, then lost control on the corner.

A few dozen people milled around the scene Monday evening wondering what happened.

Many speculated that the vehicle had been hit by a train because of the location of the vehicle, but troopers said there was no collision with a train.

Shoshone Police, Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies and Idaho State Police all responded.

Vehicle and train traffic around the scene were temporarily stopped.

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