Denver interstate crash involves 100-plus cars, 1 dead

DENVER (KMGH/CNN) – One person died after a series of wrecks involving more than 100 vehicles on icy Interstate 25 on Saturday.

According to witnesses, rescue workers informed them a woman died inside a red car with its top peeled back after it was lodged partway under a semi-trailer.

The chain reaction caused a massive pile-up. Afterward, rescuers pulled victims from the mangled metal and loaded them onto nearby ambulances.

Paramedics arrived at Denver Health with badly injured people, at least 20 total, including children.

“This is a very difficult scene,” said Denver Health chief paramedic Scott Bookman. “It’s scattered over a long distance under difficult conditions, and we’re doing everything we can to get people safe.”

Bookman did not provide specific details on injuries.

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