Helicopter Crashes In West Windsor

A small helicopter has crashed in a wooded area near the Quakerbridge Mall off Route 1 in West Windsor.


Smoke from helicopter crash in West Windsor

Smoke from helicopter crash in West Windsor as seen from parking lot of Walmart on Route 1 (Facebook via Jersey Shore Hurricane News)

West Windsor Police say the small helicopter crashed into a pig farm at the corner of Quakerbridge Road and Clarksville Road, the location of the old American Cyanamidand plant just after 12noon on Saturday.

Police say  there appear to be no survivors. No word on how many were on board the chopper.

Callers into NJ101.5 say they heard a loud explosion on impact from the nearby Wegman’s parking lot.

Traffic on Route 1 according to the traffic cameras on the 511NJ.org website does not appear to be affected.

On the New Jersey 101.5 Facebook page, Terry Brightman Meade posted, “I saw it as it happened. I was in the parking lot at Nassau Park across Route 1. I saw the prop come apart from the helicopter and then the copter turned over and went straight down. Huge explosion and lots of black smoke. I am still shaking.”

Witness Christine Angelucci Billings posted on the NJ101.5 Facebook page,  “We were leaving Sam’s Club and my son Brandon said, “Oh my God! I just saw a helicopter crash!” I turned to look and saw a fire ball and a huge could of smoke. He said he saw the propellers fly off and saw it spiral to the ground. He’s still in shock and so am I.”

One witness on the PlanetPrinceton Facebook page says he saw the helicoper “flying along at a straight path about 2000 ft up and started to bank downwards. It then pitched almost straight down the rotors came flying off. 2 seconds later it crashed and there was a large plume of black smoke.”

Another witness posts on the Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page that she saw the chopper “start to come apart and crash straight down” watching from the Home Goods store on Nassau Park Boulevard off Route 1.


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