Locals question intersection’s safety after fatal crash

Story by Chuck Weber / CBS 12

JUNO BEACH, Fla. — A man has now died, after he and a woman were hit by a car as they tried to jog across busy U.S.-1.

Juno Beach Police announced the fatality on Friday.

The crash took place early Thursday evening at the intersection of Donald Ross Road.

Good Samaritans had rushed to aid the woman, who was pinned beneath the car.

Police say she’s now in critical condition.

People who live and work in the area say a tragedy like this was bound to happen.

They say the intersection is so busy, driversa nd pedestrians take too many chances.

“I’ve seen people try to cut and get across before right at the time the traffic is allowed to go,” said neighbor Kathy Bruno. 

“People also have to learn to respect the crossing areas, and not try and dart out and play chicken.”

CBS 12 requested and obtained recent crash statistics from Palm Beach County. 

They show Donald Ross and U.S.-1 way down the list of bad intersections, with just 16 crashes in 2013. 

None involved a pedestrian. 

That ranked the intersection 264th in the number of crashes.  Locals question intersection’s safety after fatal crash