North Carolina

Route description

From the South Carolina state line, US 1 passes through downtown Rockingham as a two-lane road with 5-lane boulevard segments before and after downtown. North of Rockingham continues as a two-lane road. Between NC 177 and the Moore County line, begins the multilaned highway where it is mostly a 5 lane rural highway with a continious center turn lane. Near the Moore County line becomes a 4 lane divided arterial. In southern Moore County, it continues as a 4 lane arterial with 5 lane boulevard segments in Pinebluff, Aberdeen and the southern part of Southern Pines. After the Saunders Boulevard traffic signal, US 1 becomes an Expressway grade bypass in Southern Pines. After North May Street, it becomes a brief 4 lane arterial before it becomes a 4 lane Expressway after Aiken Road. A mile south of the US 15/501` juncture, downgrades as a 4 lane arterial towards Tramway. After Tramway, it becomes a freeway bypassing Sanford and continues to Raleigh as a freeway, sharing briefly with US 64 at Cary and 11 miles (18 km) of the Raleigh Inner-Beltline with I-440. North of Raleigh, US 1 continues as an expressway through Wake Forest and Henderson. Exiting off the connector road before I-85, the highway reverts to a two-lane rural road, paralleling I-85 into Virginia. US 1 through North Carolina generally follows the fall line between the Piedmont and the Atlantic Coastal Plain.
Alternate names
Though the highway is commonly known as “Highway 1″ or “U.S. 1″ throughout the state, the highway does have other known names it uses locally in areas.
Capital Boulevard – Road name from I-440 north to the Franklin County line.
Claude E. Pope Memorial Highway – Official North Carolina name of US 1, from I-40 in Cary south to the Chatham County line.
Cliff Benson Beltline – Road name of Raleigh northern inner-beltline, cosigned with I-440.
H. Clifton Blue Memorial Boulevard – Official North Carolina name of US 1 through Southern Pines.
Jefferson Davis Highway – Official North Carolina name of US 1, from South Carolina state line to Sanford.