Tire loss causes accident in Waldoboro

WALDOBORO — Wednesday morning’s commute along Route 1 in Waldoboro took a little longer than usual after a tire came off an eastbound pickup truck and struck an oncoming passenger car.

Waldoboro Police Officer Larry Hesseltine responded to the crash, that was called in around 7:45 a.m. march 26. Hesseltine said Matthew Reyer, 57, of Rockport, was driving a 2009 Toyota Camry west on Route 1 just south of the entrance to Medomak Valley High School when he encountered a wheel coming at him that had become disengaged from an oncoming pickup truck.

The driver of the 2003 GMC 1500 pickup truck, Alan Dever, 46, of Waldoboro, lost his left rear wheel while driving in the opposite direction on Route 1, toward Warren, when the wheel inexplicably came off.

“He coasted off to the side of the road and said didn’t even know his tire came off, he said the truck just felt funny,” said Hesseltine. “His truck sits kind of low, so the tire loss wasn’t as noticeable as it would have been in a taller truck.”

The speed limit in that area of Route 1 is 55 mph, and Hessletine said the wheel struck the Camry in the front driver’s side bumper, causing about $4,000 damage.

After hitting the wheel, Hesseltine said Reyer veered his car left into the opposite lane, likely in an attempt to avoid the oncoming moving object, and nearly crashed head-on into a car following behind Dever’s truck.

Reyer’s car came to rest off the eastbound side of Route 1 in a ditch. It was towed from the scene by Hillside Towing.

There was no damage caused to the pickup truck, other than some to the rear brake drum where it made contact with the road.

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